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The Purpose Behind Puppy Culture Training

When we launched our Bernedoodles of NC breeding program, we wanted to focus attention beyond the genetic makeup and beautiful tri-color patters of our puppies. We desired to send puppies home to their forever homes ready to thrive in their new environments. Many of our clients are brand new dog owners. Even more had dogs during their growing up years, but now several decades later they are getting a new puppy to share in memories with their own growing families. And, some are taking their puppies home to live with other fur-blings and feline friends. So, preparing puppies to be on their way towards being house-trained, socialized, and emotionally intelligent were musts on our priority list.

We launched into a full blown, puppy training program research frenzy. Most of the programs we found were for puppies that were 10+ weeks old. Basically training bad habits out of the puppies, instead of instilling good habits from infancy. Having four children of our own, we know, just like with newborn babies, those first twelve weeks are imperative in neurological, social, and emotional growth. After lots of research, our fellow doodle breeder friends and mentors, Doodles of NC, pointed out Puppy Culture, a dog breeders guide to true puppy training.

Puppy Culture is a program developed by Jane Killion, a professional dog trainer and breeder. It is a comprehensive, organized program for breeders to follow during the first few months of a puppy’s life.

We've fully outlined how we break down the Puppy Culture program into four distinct time periods on our "Puppy Culture" page. But, in summary, we use specific exercises and activities based on age of the puppies to help them socialize and learn emotional intelligence. This incredible amount of time and work translates into them bonding with you, their forever families, in a priceless way. When successful puppy transitions start flooding in, we are constantly reminded of the lifelong impact this program has on our Bernedoodles of NC puppy line.

Be sure to check out our "Raising Our Puppies" page for more information. And, reserve your spot on our puppy picking list by filling out your puppy application today!

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